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The Next Step for Puerto Compasivo

In 2005 a group of people began to meet for meditation weekly Puerto Vallarta. At first they meditated in the garden of a guest house and then on the rooftop of a private home. Eventually the group began to meet in an apartment in Colonia Versalles which was the home of Burai Anka, Rick Spencer, a Zen practitioner recently ordained as a priest. Meditation meetings continued in the priest’s home when he moved to a house in Colonia Palmar de Aramara. It was there that the “Puerto Vallarta Zen Group” took the name, “Puerto Compasivo.”
While living in that house, Burai Rick received Dharma Transmission, or autorization as an independent teacher, from his teacher, Zoketsu Norman Fischer. Burai Rick began to be called by the second part of his Dharma name, Anka, which means “Peaceful Transformation”.
In Puerto Compasivo there were people who studied the 16 Bodhisattva precepts and sewed rakusus in order to participate in the Jukai ceremony. There were meditation sessions several times each week and the group held residential retreats in San Sebastián del Oeste, and in Guadalajara. In addition Anka Rick guided retreats in other parts of Mexico.
In 2015 Puerto Compasivo moved to a larger house in Colonia Las Gaviotas. In the new location the group held ceremonies, classes and workshops. There were visits of other Zen teachers and a book reading with Zoketsu Norman Fischer for his book, “Entrenar la Compasión”. The high point of all this activity was the ordenation of Jien Argelia García as a Zen priest in December of 2016.
Puerto Compasivo has always depended on the time and resources of Anka Rick and Jien Argelia. The aspiration had been that the group would become a self-suficient practice community. Unfortunately Puerto Compasivo does not have the economic resources necesary to maintain stability or the participation of enough members who can share the responsibility of directing meditation sessions. It is for these reasons that on Wednesday, June 14, after 12 years in Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Compasivo will no longer be able to offer a place for regularly scheduled meditation sessions in Puerto Vallarta.
What’s next?
Anka Rick will continue his practice as a Zen teacher. He will continue to guide retreats when and where he is invited to do so. He still plans to maintain a personal connection with sincere Zen practitioners both in Puerto Vallarta and at a distance. He will be available for private meetings (dokusan), for classes, workshops and retreats.
Jien Argelia will continue her practice as a priest in training both inside and outside of the monastery. When it is posible, she will continue to offer yoga classes in Zen retreats and, of course, she will continue in her vocation as a yoga teacher offering classes to students and training to yoga teachers.
Both Anka and Jien are grateful for the support that they have received and both are looking forward to the future of Puerto Compasivo.